Bein Safe In The Car

Bein Safe In The Car

Car journeys wi bairns

Stress-free drivin wi bairns in the motor needs cannie plannin. Houivver less stress will mak less distraction, sae it’s aye warth daein a wee bit o forrit-thinkin tae avoid some common mistaks:

  • Mak gemmes an ploys tae keep bairns occupied alang the wey
  • Decide in advance whaur ye’re goin tae stop fer a rest or tae gang tae the toilet
  • Mak siccar bairns unnerstaun that aince in the car, ye need tae concentrate fully on yer drivin.

A third o aw parents spend atween 10 an 49 hours a month in the car wi thair bairns (AA / Populus, 2012). This means that bairns quickly stairt to recognise hou ye behave in the car.

Today’s kids are the morn’s drivers

Road safety is no jist anent keepin bairns safe the nou. The wey thay see ye behave in the motor is likely tae mould the kind o driver thay will growe up tae be. The safer ye drive whan thay’re yung, the safer thay are likely tae drive whan thay pass thair ain test.

Hou no tak the Don’t Risk It: Kids in the Car questionnaire tae find oot gin ye’re settin a guid ensample?

Ye micht no think bairns notice gin ye rush thro an amber licht, brak the speed limit because ye’re rinnin late or check yer phone while ye’re drivin. But studies hae shown that thay dae. An aince thay think brakkin the rules is normal, it’s fykie tae cheenge this wey o thinkin (Police).


Anger disnae only upset bairns , leadin tae mair distractions, but teaches thaim that it’s aw richt tae be angry an randie ahent the wheel forbye.

An some day, that micht jist catch up wi thaim.

Sae set a guid ensample nou an keep yer bairns safe fer years tae come.

  • Drive athin the speed limit – makkin siccar yer speed is appropriate fer the road conditions
  • Wear yer seatbelt
  • Concentrate on the road at aw times
  • Keep a calm souch on car journeys
  • Ditch mobiles whan mobile
  • Dinnae drink an drive