Hou tae cross the road safely

Hou tae cross the road safely

Awbody kens crossin the road cin be dangerous. That’s hou it’s sae important tae learn bairns tae tak extra care.

Gang Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission includes lots o ploys, stories, gemmes an videos that will help ye and yer wee yin practise hou tae cross the road safely. Explore these thegither an ye’ll baith ken it aff bi hairt soon eneuch. Here’s Ziggy’s guide tae showein bairns hou tae cross the road safely...

Haud hands

Haudin hauns maks shair bairns dinnae rin aff an ye cin cross the road safely thegither. Gin ye’re hurlin a buggy, ye cin get thaim tae haud on tae that insteid.

Find the safest place tae cross

Aye cross in a place ye cin see the traffic comin frae aw airts. Parkit cars mak it hard tae see clearly, sae only ivver cross atween thaim if there is absolutely nae ither option.

The safest places tae cross the road are:

  • Puffin an pelican crossins – push the button an wait fer the green man. Ziggy learnt aw aboot these in his Zab-a-ding-a-wheeeeeeeeeeee adventure
  • Zebra crossins are markit wi yellae beacons. Staun on the kerb tae showe drivers ye’re wantin tae cross, an wait fer the traffic tae stop
  • Footbridges an subways – these walkways ruin ower and alow the road tae keep pedestrians an traffic apairt
  • Traffic islands - pavement-like areas atween lanes o big or busy roads, sae ye cin safely cross ae lane at a time

Stop, look an listen

These micht seem like three simple steps, but each ane is gey important:

  • Stoppin gies ye time tae watch richt
  • Lookin helps ye find a safe gap in the traffic
  • Listenin lets ye hear onie nearby vehicles that havenae yet come intae view

Ilk time ye’re crossin the road, even gin ye cross at a crossin, mind tae stop, look an listen. Only cross whan ye are absolutely shair it is safe.

Cross straicht ower the road, nivver diagonally

Gin ye cross ower the road diagonally ye’ll be in the path o the traffic fer langer. Sae it’s safest tae cross straicht ower frae ae side tae the ither.

Hou no watch these videos wi yer bairn tae help thaim unnerstaun hou crossin the road safely is sae important?


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Stoppin an Waitin
Puffin crossin