Ziggy's Fun Day Oot

Ziggy is back wi mair creative road safety learnin that bairns love. This time he wuid like tae help yer class screive a road safety story uisein his amazin story makar!

Aince ye've finished yer story, yer class will get a 'Ma Journey wi Ziggy' pack complete wi a Ziggy saft toy. Then the norie is that ilk child will tak it in turns tae look eftir Ziggy at hame an pit their ain Zab-a-ding-a-doo road safety know-how intae practice.

Get goin wi 5 simple steps:

Learn aw aboot road safety in the classroom


Tak yer class fer a walk - short or lang, it disnae maitter


Fill oot Ziggy’s amazin story makar


Wait fer yer 'Ma Journey wi Ziggy' Pack tae come


Add new stories starrin yer new Ziggy toy